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Advantages and Differences of TKT Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner

Some Qatar and Dubai customers etc. Mid east country ask us why our Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner unit quality is good and is different from other suppliers. The TKT Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner unit advantage is following, It shows our great advantage on quality, price and service, and how to select suitable and high quality products. It help you to save your time and get the suitable Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner for your Tata and Ashok Leyland Bus from reliable supplier.

Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner unit use the only design in China: higher cooling capacity to guarantee the enough cooling, even the Middle East's Ambient Temperature reaches 55 Deg. C, and the bus insulation is very poor in the Middle East's Market; ( 38KW/130000 BTU, 5 Condenser Fans, 8 Evaporator Blowers);
TKT high technology design, Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner material design: copper tube & aluminum fin design for condenser and evaporator units, which will guarantee the reliable performance and fast cooling, the Dubai and Qatar are near to sea, so this material is good and long life.
1. Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner special designed water tank and radiator which can guarantee the engine work normally even the Ambient Temperature reach 60 Deg. C; We have tested many times the engine can work normally even the air temperature reach 69 Deg. C;
2. Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner special modified engine which has low speed (1200 RPM) and high speed (1800 RPM) to save fuel;
3. Sub Engine Bus Air Conditioner special designed control panel which can show the bus air conditioning running time, used for sub engine maintenance, and there is wearing on the control panel if It is time to do maintenance (250Hours for first time, and each 500 hours to do next maintenance);
4. We will provide all the components for installation (INCLUDING AIR DUCT for 66 seats Tata and Ashok Leyland Bus) except refrigerant and steel to make bracket to power pack unit, which will make the installation easier and also save much money and time for the clients;