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Electric Bus Air Conditioner

Electric Bus Air Conditioning System is designed for 11-12.8M Trolley Bus, Pure Electric Bus and Hybrid Power Bus (Ambient Temperature 40 ℃). It is powered by the battery of the vehicle.
It has great advantage on Fuel Saving, Environment Friendly, Easy Installation ect.

High Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance Suitable for Most Places in the World; 
DC280V -750V Voltage, Can be Adopted for most of electric bus;
Low Noise to Keep Comfortable Environment for the Passengers;
Integrated Condenser and Evaporator, No Pipe Supply for Bus Body, No Need to Fill Gas, Easy Installation to Save Labor Cost;
Stream Line Design to Apply All Kinds of Buses;
Enclosed Horizontal Scroll Compressor with 7MM Inner Screw Copper Tube And Hydrophilic Aluminimum Fin which Can Guarantee the EER Reach 3.2;
ISO 9001, CE & TS16949 Certification;
Cheap Price with High Quality;
36 Months Warranty Time After Delivery;