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How to Clean Bus Air Conditioner

How to Clean the Condenser of Bus Air Conditioner
Flowing is cleaning steps of bus air conditioner's condenser
1.Remove the condenser fan or protect it with plastic sheeting
2.Washing the radiating fins with high-pressure water, Note to control the water pressure and avoid damage the radiating fins. If the blockage is very serious, need to scrape off the oil stain and then clean them with neutral detergent

How to Clean the Bus Air Conditioning's Evaporator
The cleaning steps of bus air conditioner's evaporator
1.Remove the evaporator blower or with plastic sheeting cover, in order to protect the blower
2.The electrical box and return air system should be wrapped up with plastic sheeting, to protect it from water entering.
3.And the other way is the same as the method of cleaning the condenser.