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The developing direction of bus air conditioner

2015-12-14 10:32:09

From the fierce market competition of bus air conditioner, the bus manufacture has growing pressure. The renewal of products are faster and faster. The developing trend of big bus air conditioner is specialization and scale. With the special technological and scale advantages, the independent large and medium-sized passenger car air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises will be easily standout among the fierce competition.

bus air conditioner
Nowadays, the market competition pattern is between the foreign brand automobile air conditioning enterprise and independent brand automobile air conditioning enterprise. Due to the technological and brand advantages and the good global cooperation relationship, foreign brand automobile air conditioning enterprise has the large amount of market share. But in recent years, with the continuous improvement of research ability and production technology, the domestic automobile air conditioning enterprise has stronger and stronger market competition fierce.
Due to the continuous technology improvement, we believed that the domestic independent brand automobile air conditioning enterprise will have more and more market share. Along with the increasing environmental pressure and different customers demand, the bus air condition will developing towards the direction of personalized, environmental protection energy conservation, miniaturization and automation.