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Stay Cool with Thermo Kingtec Electric A/C

2016-02-26 08:52:45

Electrical A/C the Coolest New Idea in transporting cooling.

TKT electrical A/C is the high-efficiency 12v battery driven AC system that keeps truck cabs cool without idling the engine.
Stay Cool without wasting fuel. TKT electrical A/C pay attention to reduce fuel costs. It works while the engine is shut down for sleep breaks and loading stops.
Stay Cool with Thermo King Tec Electrical A/C means:
Electrical A/C No Engine noise
Electrical A/C No Diesel emission
Electrical A/C No Extra cost on diesel for comfort on the road
TKT electrical air conditioners are suitable for Truck, Trailer, Motor home and Caravan. Integrated design for saving space and easy installation, split model with portable evaporator. Both designs are mean to bring comfort to the drivers while on road.
Here are the links for TKT electrical air conditioners

Electric AC TKT-20ES
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Electric AC TKT-20ER
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