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TKT-20ER Rooftop DC Powered Air Conditioner

2016-03-08 12:09:52

TKT-20ER Rooftop DC Powered  Air Conditioner, which are mostly suitable for truck, trailer, excavator, tractor, etc, it can also work when vehicle engines off, provide powerful cooling environment for drivers to have a good sleep during the transport goods, the important point is that many drivers are using it to save more costs&energy-saving, it will help our customers save about 7,580USD per year, thanks.

electrical air conditioner
TKT-20ER Rooftop DC Air Conditioner is sold well in the USA, Mexico, Mid & South America, Australia, Mid East, South Africa, Europe and other country in Asia, because of stream line appearance, big cooling capacity, reliable performance, environment friendly, easy installation and operation, low Noise, cheap price, and low current for long time running, 8-9 hours work recharged one time.
TKT Battery Driven Rooftop Air Conditioner, which are best selling in USA, Canada, Australia, South America, etc; they are mostly suitable for different customers of vehicles, such as tractor, trailer, truck, etc, furthermore, one sample is always accepted for our customers,12v/24v are both available for customers, for more details, please kindly visit our