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The Superior Function of TKT Truck Electric Air Conditioner

2016-03-09 15:01:48

Truck electric air conditioner can adjust the air temperature, humidity, flow rate, cleanliness of driver cab. Truck electric air conditioner is the main branch of air adjusting engineering. The output of this industry is second rank, which is behind the room air conditioner. 

TKT is the famous brand in China to produce the electric air conditioner, which can be installed on the Heavy Truck, Truck, Mining Machine, Motor Home etc. Electric air conditioner is driven by the vehicle battery. Currently, according to the different model, we have the split model and roof top mounted model, which can meet the different demand from the customer. 
electric air conditioner
According to the technological improvement, our electric air conditioner has the advantages of stream line appearance, big cooling capacity, reliable performance, environment friendly, easy installation and operation, low noise, cheap price, and low current for long time running and so on.
Truck electric air conditioner is the most high technological demand air conditioner technology in the air conditioning industry. Truck electric air conditioner can greatly improve the drive environment and create the good drive condition to ensure the safe driving.