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Bus air conditioner should be connected by the copper pipe

2015-12-18 14:33:05

Copper pipe is necessary to the refrigeration system of bus air conditioner. Therefore, we should have a full understanding about the function of copper pipe in the bus air conditioner.

Nowadays, the commonly used connection material is air conditioner cooper pipe. The refrigerating fluid is ultimately to absorb heat in the evaporator, and released in the condenser. The outside of air conditioning copper tube is connected to the heat sink, the refrigerating fluid is in the inner parts of connecting tube. Therefore, the quality of cooper pipe directly affects the refrigeration effect of bus air conditioner.  Compared with the aluminum pipe, copper pipe has the advantage of high pressure  resistance, corrosion resistance,  longer service life, good thermal conductivity and welding performance, and better mechanism strength. Therefore, the price is more expensive than the aluminum one.
bus air conditioner
In the second place, we all known that during the working process of bus air conditioner, it will discharge some steam. The steam will be discharged through the drain pipe. As the drain pipe, copper pipe will bring better effect to the working performance of bus air conditioner. The steam will be discharged more thoroughly. If we don’t use the copper pipe, the residual water in the heat exchange cannot go out, which will cause the bad effect for the working of bus air conditioner.
bus air conditioner
In addition, the copper pipe of bus air conditioner should be packed better. If copper pipe exposed outside for a long time, it will easily happen aging. For a long time of weathering, it can also affect the refrigeration effect of bus air conditioner. Copper pipe plays the important role during the working process. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the protection of copper pipe.