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Roof Top Mounted Bus Air Conditioner TKT-120V for Van

2016-03-25 15:23:31

Thermo Kingtec is specialized in Bus AC development and manufacture. The bus air conditioner covers all the models for buses range from 6M to 8M. TKT-120v is one of the outstanding models for Medium bus air conditioner.

TKT-120V is designed for Medium bus less than 7M at Ambient Temperature 45℃, with Passengers Less than 20. This model is popular in India, South America, Mid East, South East Asia and Africa. 
The Datasheet of Bus AC TKT-120V
Model No. TKT-120V
Structure Roof Top Model
Cooling Capacity 11 KW / 37510BTU/ 9570 Kcal/h
Compressor 7H15/TM21
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
Power Consumption Less than 0.52 KW
Condenser QTY of Condenser Fan 2 PCs
Condenser Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Condenser Air Flow 2900M3/H
Evaporator QTY of Evaporator Blower 1 PC
Evaporator Coil Type Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
Evaporator Air Flow 2200M3/H
Refrigerant R134A, 3.3KG
Dimension of Roof Top Unit 1010X970X180MM
Weight for Roof Top Unit 56KG