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Current Condition of TKT Electric Air Conditioner

2016-03-30 19:36:31

Along with the rapid development of truck industry, we have higher and higher demand on the truck configuration. Truck driving is one kind of heavy and hard work, especially in the hot summer. When the truck is turn off, due to the actually condition, the air conditioner will be shut off. Facing with this situation, TKT has research the electric air conditioner, which is suitable for the truck cab under many situations.
electric air conditioner
According to the market demand, TKT has improved the electric air conditioner for truck cab, which can both ensure the comfortable rest and realize the energy saving and low cost. When the driver stop the truck to have a rest, electric compressor will drive the air conditioning to work, you do not need to start the engine, which will be able to meet the 3-5 hours of refrigeration work. TKT electric air conditioner provide a new solution for the driver to realize low carbon and low running cost.
TKT has developed and produced a new generation of electric air-conditioning with independent intellectual property rights, with a number of patented technologies. Products have the state authority and the comparison test and reached the international advanced level, which is the first choice of automobile air-conditioning industry upgrading and import substitution. Nowadays, the government is focusing on energy saving high-tech enterprises. Electric air conditioners are mainly exported to the US, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.