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Electrical AC 5KW High Cooling Capacity

2016-04-15 17:58:37

TKT-50ER Electric AC for truck is designed for Motor Home, Caravan, Truck and Construction Machine which work under 50 Deg. C ambient temperature. It is powered by the battery of the truck, which is widely used in Mid East, South Africa ect place;It can also work when the engine is off, making cool environment for the driver to have a good sleep. What’s more, many drivers are using it while driving to save fuel.  

The product advantages are:
1 Energy Saving
2 Roof Top Design, Stream Line Appearance
3 Big Cooling Capacity, Widely applied in the Hottest Place in the World
4 Easy Installation & Operation
5 Low Current for Long Time Running, 8-9Hrs Work time for One time Recharge
Basic Parameter of TKT-50ER Electric AC Model
Model# TKT-50ER
Driven Mode, Vehicle Battery Driven
Voltage, DC24V
Current, Less than 40Amps
Condenser Fan, 2pcs
Evaporator Blower, 1pc
Compressor Displacement, 72CC
Dimension, 910*800*200mm
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