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Power Pack Driven Bus AC for 11M Tata Bus

2016-04-21 14:40:27

TKT-340PB bus AC with sub engine unit is designed for 11M bus with 45 passengers or around which works at 50 Deg. C ambient temperatures. It is powered by the Independent Diesel Engine. Widely used for big bus, city bus, coach and tourist bus less than 11.5M.
The product advantages are:
1. High Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance
2. Roof Top Design, Stream Line Appearance
3. Independent Diesel Engine, No effecting the moving Speed of Bus
4. Environment friendly
5. 3 Years warranty time.
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Basic Parameter of TKT-340PB with Sub Engine
Model# TKT-340PB
Driven Mode, Independent Diesel Engine Driven
Voltage, DC24V
Current, Less than 75Amps
Condenser Fan, 4pcs
Evaporator Blower, 6pc
Roof Top Unit Dimension, 4160*1862*185mm
Weight for Roof Top Unit, 210kg
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