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37KW Diesel Engine Bus Air Conditioner for TATA and Ashok Leyland Bus

2016-04-27 11:06:43

Due to the coming hot summer, many customers began to place order for our TKT-380PB bus air conditioner for their TATA and Ashok Leyland bus. To those two kinds of buses, TKT-380PB bus air conditoner is the most suitable model.TKT began to supply bus air conditioner with power pach unit(diesel engine) from 5years ago for Saudi Arabia and Jordan market and tou engouen experience to make perfect bus air conditioner with powe pack units(diesel engine) to meet the special requirests from Gulf Market, such as high ambient temperature, higher relative humidity, bumpy road.

Diesel Engine Bus Air Conditioner
Following we will introduce the significant advantages about our bus air conditioner:
1. Higher cooling capacity to guarantee the enough cooling, even the Middle East's Ambient Temperature reaches 55 Deg. C.
2. The cooling ability of TKT-380PB is 38KW/130000 BTU, and also have 5 Condenser Fans, 8 Evaporator Blowers
3. TKT-380PB uses copper tube & aluminum fin design for condenser and evaporator units, which will guarantee the reliable performance and fast cooling.
According to all of these successful experience, we developed our diesel engine bus air conditioner and make special desigtn for Gulf market based on the technical requests of TATA and Ashok Leyland Bus from June of 2015, and designed and produced air duct for TATA and Leyalnd 66 seats buses. If you need this kind of diesel engine bus air conditioner, welcome to contact us: