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Difference Between Engine and Sub Engine Driven Bus Air Conditioner

2016-05-04 15:59:11

Along with the coming summer, more and more customer want to install the bus air conditioner to have a good driving environment. TKT, as the first and leading manufacturer of bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration in China, has devoted to producing reliable, efficient and economical bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration for the world.

Sub engine bus air conditioner
Nowadays, we have many different bus air conditioner for different length buses. The most popular type is TKT-380B and TKT-380PB. TKT-380B is directly driven by bus engine and designed for 11-12.8M City Bus, Coach and Intercity Bus (Ambient Temperature 45℃, Passenger Less than 38). While TKT-380PB is driven by the sub engine, which will not affect the speed of bus. As a matter of fact, TKT-380PB is new designed sub engine bus air conditioner for TATA and Ashok Leyland bus, which efficiently slove the insufficient engine power.
The mentioned model above are the hot sale bus air condiioner in our factory. If you want to get the technological data and formal price, please feel free to contact us: