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The good developing potential of bus air conditioners

2015-12-21 11:16:57

Domestic bus air conditioners have developed for many years, but the overall design and manufacturing level is lower than abroad. The bus air conditioners industry started relatively late in our country, the bus air conditioners are mainly depended on assembly. Along with the rapid development of automobile industry in recent years, the bus air conditioner demand is also growing.

bus air conditioners
The developing of bus air conditioners is towards the direction of environmental protection, efficiency improvement, energy saving, weight reduction, small volume, reduction of vibration and noise, easy operation and maintenance and reliable performance and so on. At the same time, the developing of bus air conditioners is always synchronized with the development of the automotive industry. The exploration of new bus air conditioners should be adapted to the improvement of engine efficiency,  electrification and hybrid driven and the use of other new type spare parts.
bus air conditioners
Through the bus air conditioners have huge developing market potential, the fierce international market competition made that the domestic bus air conditioner industry is also facing with huge challenge. The production of trucks and some special automobile air conditioners are less, which cannot efficiently meet the market demand. As to the technology, the developing direction of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection also leads the new challenge to bus air conditioners industry. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the independent research of bus air conditioners. Through the common effort, we believe our bus air conditioners will quickly enter into the world lead level.