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Rooftop refrigeration unit for Van TKT-200R

2016-05-12 17:20:27

TKT-200R refrigeration unit for cargo van, keep fresh

TKT-200R is specialized for small cargo van to keep fresh. It is powered by the engine of the vehicle, and has great advantages in fuel saving, environmental and highly efficient.
refrigeration unis for van
The product advantages are:
1. Exclusive design for Cargo van upto 10cbm(-5C) and 12CBM(0C) to keep fresh
2. Stream line design to apply all kinds of van appearance and truck body
3. Big cooling capacity and reliable performance to stand against hot&dust climatic condition
4. Easy installation and operation
5. Environment friendly
6. 3 Years warranty time.
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Basic Parameter of TKT-200R Direct engine driven bus Air Conditioner
Model# TKT-200R
Driven Mode, Bus engine driven
Voltage, DC24V/12V
Condenser dimension, 865*700*185mm
Evaporator dimension, 600*510*138mm
Cooling capacity, -5C/1235W(4212BTU/1062Kcal), Apply up to 10CBM, fresh
               0C/1430W(4880btu/1230Kcal), Apply up to 12CBM
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