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Superior advantages of electrical bus air conditioner

2015-12-28 15:06:15

TKT has researched the new technology on the production of electric bus air conditioner. This equipment has combined the electric information technology, intelligent control technology, new energy and energy conservation technology and automotive refrigeration technology, etc. The electric bus air conditioner is designed for trolley bus, pure electric bus and hybrid power bus (Ambient Temperature 40 ℃). It is powered by the battery of the vehicle. Following are the advantages of electric bus air conditioner:

electric bus air conditioner
1. High efficiency, energy saving, comfortable and safety. Totally enclosed vortex compressor has the features of high efficiency, big volume, and small noisy. The heating exchange performance has been improved about 7%. Refrigerating capacity of unit volume is big, the refrigeration efficiency is also very high.
2. Green environmental and high reliability. There has no external pipe, and the internal pipeline adopts welding form. The refrigerant has realized the zero leakage, which has no bad effect on the ozone sphere. The adaptive control system can greatly prolong the service life of compressor.
3. Advanced control system. The complete safety device has the high and low pressure protection, temperature protection, motor overheating or over-current protection, power supply under voltage, overvoltage, open phase protection and other security protection. The control function is strong and the intelligent degree is high.