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Bus air conditioning calls for new technology

2016-01-08 10:42:11

The continuous progress of bus technology also requires the common development of bus air conditioning. From the performance aspect, we also pursue the high efficiency. Nowadays, the passage also has higher and higher demand on the efficiency and performance of bus air conditioning. Therefore, the bus air conditioning enterprises have spend a lot of energy on the research, test and production of bus air conditioning. Nowadays, new products with high performance come out constantly.

bus air conditioning
At the same time, the development of hybrid and electric vehicles also bring new challenge for the bus air conditioning technology. Therefore, to the hybrid and electric vehicles, the energy saving and efficiency is very important. Due to the current technology limit, the research of high efficiency and new energy bus air conditioning system becomes the new developing trend of bus air conditioning. To the development of bus air conditioning system, we should research the new type bus air conditioning system for the electric vehicle.
In addition to the energy saving and emission reduction, bus air conditioning also developing towards the diversified development direction. Nowadays, people have higher and higher demand on the comfortable performance. In addition to the traditional heating and cooling performance, we have paid more and more attention on the air quality. The bus air conditioning manufacturing enterprise should grasp this demand, and develop the related technology research and production.