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How to Daily Repair Bus Air Conditioning

2017-09-05 09:36:28

★How to Maintain and Periodic Repair Bus Air Conditioning System

Routine maintenance bus air conditioning system, periodic repair truck air conditioner, and maintenance van air conditioner, even how to daily repair transport air conditioner, and all-electric bus air conditioning, TKT’s technology staffer will introduce it in detail. Please according to the following steps:

★ Project List of Daily Repair Bus HVAC

Item A: Once per day

●Whether the installed compressor is reliable and fastened (or not)
●Whether the bus air conditioning system is with abnormal sounds (or not)
●Whether the compressor is working properly;

●Whether the manipulator's information are normally displayed

Item B: Once per week

●Whether the belt is damaged;

●whether the condenser fan and evaporator blower's operation are normal;

●Check the radiator fins of condenser, and clean it according to the actual demand.

Item C: Once per month

Please perform Item B firstly, then:

●Check the quantity of refrigerant;

●Check whether all joints have leakage or not

●Check whether the compressor oil level is normal;

●Check the fan's air flow is normal;

●Check whether the fixed pipe system is reliable and secure

Item D: Once every three months

Please perform Item C firstly, then:

●Clean or replace the return air grille

●Checking out whether the blower motor's working situation is normal;

●Checking out whether the compressor clutch’s operating situation is normal:

●Carefully check all electric components.

Item E: Once every per year

● Please perform Item D firstly, then:

● Replace or supplement refrigeration oil;

● Leakage inspection and repairing for all all bus air conditioning system ● Clean the evaporator;

● checking and repairing all installed and fixed joints

● When the air conditioning system is not used, operate it about 15 minutes monthly; If necessary, send it to the point of service for total maintenance.

★ Check the Tensioning Force of Belt

typeNew Belt    In Maintenance    Tension Degree
A    392~588N(40~60Kgf)    294~392N(30-~40Kgf)    8~10mm
B    490~686N(50~70Kgf)        8~10mm

★ Check the Quantity of Refrigerant

Start bus air conditioning system and observe the sight glass from the return air inlet, if the liquid level is clear, no bubbles or air bubbles appear occasionally in 45 seconds, indicating sufficient refrigerant; If there are a lot of steam bubbles indicating lack of refrigerant, hence, leakage checking and refrigerant charge are necessary.

★ Check the Compressor Oil (Refrigerant Oil)

Run the bus air conditioning system 20 minutes, then stopped, observe oil level from compressor's liquid mirror, the requirement of compressor oil level should be not less than 1/4 of the liquid mirror, otherwise, you need to add it. At the same time, observing the compressor oil’s color, further more, starting the bus air conditioning system and observing the sight glass from the return air inlet, if there are some dark oil stain appear on the glass, indicating the compressor oil has deteriorated and contaminated, need replacing.

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